We all imagine our big day to be flawlessly perfect, however, it is always better to be prepared for any unexpected hiccups throughout the day. We are talking about little emergencies such as blisters from your new heels, torn stockings or sudden panic rashes from a dropping blood sugar level. If you are well prepared for potential happenings like these, you’ll be able to solve any surprise quickly and nothing will stand in your way of a perfectly enjoyable wedding day!

We have put together a list of things to pack in your emergency kit to be save when facing any unexpected events:

– tiny sewing kit and safety pins to hold everything in place

– nail file and clipper for chipped nails

– bobby pins and hairspray so that your hair stays in place

– powder or oil absorbing sheets to mattify shiny skin (should be used by the groom as well in case of oily skin)

– lip balm to keep lips soft and hydrated (though you should not forget to drink enough water throughout the day)

– paper straws, so your lipsticks stays in plays when drinking after your make-up has been finished

– muesli bars or cookies for dropping blood sugar levels

–  band-aids or blister shield plasters to protect yourselves against blisters

– clear nail polish to stop ladders in your stockings from tearing any further, plus additional stockings in nude and black

– dental floss and mouthwash to make your smile shine

– phone chargers and a power bank to keep having that essential item throughout the whole day

– hand sanitiser to stay fresh

– heel protectors to be safe on grass

– make-up remover and Q-tips for any last-minute fix-ups

– Aspirin or pain killers, so that nobody has a reason to leave early

– Cetirizine for allergy relief, especially for outdoor weddings

– spray-on deodorant for everyone to feel fresh

– eye drops to keep eyes hydrated in the late hours

– tampons and panty liners we all know why…


(Photo by Balazs Lengyel, http://balazslengyel.com/)