scavenger hunt

There are many funny ways to celebrate the step into the new era of the bride’s life, other than just cupcakes and champagne. Here’s some of our favorite games to include, to make the bridal shower a fun and memorable event for everyone:

1. The Mr & Mrs Quiz game

The groom gets a list of different questions on him, the bride and their relationship a few days before, that he has to answer on paper, or you could even make a record if he is not too camera shy. Select a mix of funny and naughty questions, for instance what’s your favorite body part of your partner? How did you meet? What’s his/her most annoying habit? Favorite film/book? When was his/her first kiss? At the hen party you will see how well the answers of the bride and groom match, and how well they know each other.

2. Pass the Love Story

Each guest gets the opportunity to exaggerate about the story on how the couple met before falling in love. The first player starts by writing a first sentence on a piece of paper as “Sarah and Mike met at the farmers market on a Saturday morning”. The paper will be passed on to the next person, who continues the story with a next sentence, then folds the paper, so only the last sentence is visible to the person who is next. After a few rounds, when everyone has contributed to the story, the final piece of work will be read aloud to the group.

3. Scavenger Hunt

The ladies split up into teams and get a list of things they must achieve by the end of the party. This can include tasks like “get a guy to buy the bride a drink”, “kiss the bartender”, “take a picture with a fully tattooed man”, “pinch a guy’s butt”… The sky is the limit. Be prepared for a night full of fun and laughter!

4. Guess the groom

Print out pictures of different body parts of different man (some interesting preparatory work required), one of them is always the groom. Now the bride has to guess which pictures show the details of her lover.

5. Cooking game

The scenario to play: The newlywed’s husband calls that he will arrive in 30 minutes with a super important business partner and the bride has to prepare something quickly for dinner. The ingredients that are in the fridge are tomatoes, cheese, mayo, ….. (select up to 10 ingredients). Now the bride has to prove that she is able to prepare a tasty meal for two from a few basic ingredients within a very short time!

6. The Lingerie Game
Ask each guest in the invitation to bring a lingerie gift that match their style and personality. Hang them all around in the room before and when the bride arrives her job is to guess which one is from who. At the end of the day, the bride goes home with a bag of new panties!



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