Laszló Rajki has studied economics, but his early passion for music guided his path towards DJing, and since he has specialized himself on weddings and corporate events, there are few venues in Budapest and all around Hungary, where Laci has not showed up yet as a DJ. We have asked him a few questions on his work and experiences as a wedding DJ.

1. When did you start DJing – and what or who were your passions and influences?

The whole story started a long way back… Back in 2000. I started collecting RnB/Funky/HipHop music and my first party as a DJ was at a university club, located in Szekesfehervar, a city not far from Budapest. I like songs that have a meaning, have musicality and express feelings.

2. What are your main challenges as a wedding DJ?

Challenges for a wedding DJ are the same as a club DJ: you are the key to a successful party. Two things will be surely remembered by the couple and its guests long after the wedding: photos/videos and the mood of the night. I am responsible for the second!

3. What do you love most about your job?

As cliché as it may sound, but I love entertaining people with my music.

4. What do you usually start with when preparing for a wedding set?

The first impression of the couple is the most important information I can gather. Based on their style, musicality, cultural history I can prepare a playlist that I think would be the most suitable for their Big Day. We have a selection of approx. 35,000 tracks, so the proper knowledge of your music repertory is a must.

5. You have been present at hundreds of weddings. What mistakes do you frequently see, and what would you recommend couples to overcome these?

I often say that details matter. Prepare for the wedding in time. Have a great suppliers team. Plan wisely :).

6. How do you maintain your health and balance during a very busy summer schedule?

During weekdays, I always try to ensure myself some time to relax. I go to a gym or visit a spa for swimming and sauna. „A sound mind in a sound body” – as the saying goes.

7. Finally, what are your plans for the close future?

I always try to find a way to develop our services with Show 4 You, make the team stronger, and improve our position on the wedding market.

To learn more about Laci and his excellent team, head over to!

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