Wedding welcome

Planning the final seating arrangement has certainly taken a lot of time for the couple and one can assume that the two gave it a thought, why now every guest sits at that very place. It therefore goes without saying that the seating arrangement is to be kept at least during the “official part” of the party, meaning during the meal.

Although the table neighbor might be unknown initially, he/she has at least one common acquaintance and a wedding provides the perfect occasion for getting to know the rest of the family and the circle of friends of the couple.

From a certain number of guests the newlyweds can impossibly take care of every single guest. Nobody should therefore be disappointed or offended! Amuse yourself with old friends and make new acquaintances, and contribute to the all-over great atmosphere of the wedding party.

The couple is on that day in the center and of course every guest wants to have “a bit” of the bride and groom, but the wedding is certainly not the right time for long conversations.

At some weddings the course of events is precisely planned and any deviation from this plan can be problematic. A long speech, while the waiters are waiting to serve the next course, for example, can spoil the best meal.

Any games, speeches and other activities must be planned in advance with the master of ceremonies or the person in charge for the organization on that that day, to fit in the given time frame.

For speeches the rule of thumb is that it should not take longer than 10 minutes maximum. In addition: “insider jokes” can bore many guests who do not understand the meaning behind, and private or embarrassing details or games can abash the newlyweds. The enjoyment and good mood of everybody present should always be the priority.

And last but not least a note to all unmarried women: catching the bridal bouquet is a matter of luck – not the elbow. Of course, every lady would like to take this beautiful “trophy” home, but a little respect for your combatants doesn’t hurt ;).

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