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Choosing a wedding gift might seem to be a walk in the park, but actually it can be really far from that, especially if you are close to the couple. You just cannot afford to get the conventional kitchen appliance. To help you see the light while in the thick of things, below are our wedding gift selection tips.

1. Check out the wedding gift list

Their wish is your command. If there is a wedding list, your job just got a whole lot easier – unless most of the great gifts have already been picked out and you are left with the unexciting stainless steel saucepan. But even then, you are better off getting a gift from their list, which is a sure thing and complimenting it with something else you deem appropriate. Add a personalized card to give it more oomph.

2. Enquire from the groomsmen and parents

If no gift list is available, it is recommended you seek counsel from the witnesses or couple’s parents. They will point you in the right direction helping you to capture the couple’s taste and avoid double gifts. After all, what could they possibly do with three juicers?

3. Go durable

Marriage is a lifelong commitment. The gift you give them should have a lasting impact in their lives. This could be in form of a tangible object, service or memory. You could gift them with coupons for just about anything, or a romantic getaway they will forever remember and cherish.

4. Consider the couple’s interest

Remember that the gift you provide them will be shared. As such it should be one that they both are interested in. This is despite the fact that you are friends with one party. Marriage brings two people to be one and as such, gifts such as jewelry and spa vouchers for the bride or soccer subscriptions and game tickets for the groom are not the best. Think dual – something they will both find gratification in.

5. Stay away from home décor

It’s not that there are no great things you could get to complement their home, it’s just that you never know someone’s taste when it comes to such things. You might think the colorful painting you saw at a gallery opening would be perfect but getting it for someone else may not be such a bright idea. You just might never see it in their living room. To save yourself the heart ache, keep away from home décor.

As we wrap things up, remember not to get perishable gifts like flowers, especially if the couple is heading straight to their honeymoon after the ceremony. They will not get to enjoy them.

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