Award winning wedding photographer Peter Wendl has been working with international couples for many years. We asked him about his work, his experiences, and his advice to couples for their wedding day.


1. Describe your wedding photography style in less than 6 words.

Journalistic story telling

2. What do you love most about wedding photography?

It is really hard to pick one exact thing in this profession. It is a fantastic feeling to capture moments for my clients. These moments can last for decades with the help of my pictures. To be there at that moment and to see that moment again evolving to an artistic piece during the post processing work is amazing. Probably the best thing is when I am asked to make a same day wedding slideshow. It is a slideshow played during the reception. It includes pictures from the wedding day itself until the reception. The pictures are all retouched and a well-chosen romantic song has its impact on the guests and the couple. Crying, laughing… So, probably what I love the most is when my work brings out deep emotions from people.

3. Best thank you that you’ve ever received?

Photojournalism requires no instructions from the photographer. So true moments can be captured. Since most couples are not so sure about themselves. They have doubts if they could “perform” well in front of my camera. Therefore, if I can, I shoot engagement sessions well ahead of the wedding day so the couple can get the pictures before their wedding. It is a great help. They have the feedback that they look fantastic, so they can act naturally during the sessions.

This happened 3 years ago in Hungary. We were shooting a creative session after the church ceremony and the bride just went: “Peter, I feel like a movie star!”

She felt like a movie star because she had seen the engagement session pictures earlier. She trusted me and herself so much she could let all her feelings go and live in the moment, instead of concentrating on how she should pose.

4. What are your tips for couples who are looking for their perfect wedding photographer?

First you need to shortlist your candidates. You can gather information from the web or ask your friends for recommendations. If you have narrowed down the list to 2-3 people, then it is time to meet them. If it is impossible to meet, at least have a video conversation. It is not only the work itself that is important, but also how the photographer works and what kind of a person they are. Because we are there at all of the intimate moments, I believe it is crucial to get along with him or her.

This is really important: Consult with the photographer about the time schedule of the wedding! The photographer probably knows the best time a ceremony should be “light wise”. Natural light is the best light you can get. Make sure you utilize it in the best way possible. The best wedding photographers all know this. They will be happy to disclose this information. A well-chosen time can add up to the final outcome of the pictures.

5. One thing you’d like every bride and groom to know before their wedding?

Candid moments can only be captured if they really happen. The bride and groom should enjoy their wedding and have a great time. They should experience the moment and exclude all the wedding buzz around them.

6. How has witnessing so many weddings impacted your life/outlook?

A good wedding photographer is sensitive and sees emotionally. It is a must to have these skills. As the years have passed by, I can’t help but see so many details around me. I see people touching and looking at each other.  Even if I do not have my camera on hand I notice everything. My verbal skills have improved a lot. Interacting with strangers is no problem at all. Not like it was before, but it is a lot different now. Wherever I go I see the quality of lights and if they are amazing, I put that venue on my list.

7. Is there a favorite image you’ve taken lately? What’s the story behind it?

I am the type of photographer who lets the client pick the venue for the photography session. We discuss it earlier where we should go for the session. It is better when we can pick a venue that connects to the couple’s story. They go there a lot, they met there for the first time, or anything. This year, I was shooting an engagement session for a couple in the hills. We had to climb for 20 mins with my 25 kg backpack. The hard part was that a couple of years ago the ice tore down the forest and as the forest has regrown all the paths were gone. We got lost a couple of times, but it was really worth the climb.

8. What are you looking forward to most right now?

I have started working as a destination wedding and portrait photographer. It is really rewarding. It feels amazing to be called to fly a couple of hours just because my work is what the bride and the groom want. In January, I will be in Sweden for an amazing winter engagement session and later on I will travel to different European countries. I am really excited!

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