For so many couples, having their furry friend as their companion at their wedding is very important. Truth be told, there is nothing more of a crowd-pleaser at a wedding than a dog ring bearer, watching a beautiful pooch trot down the aisle with a ring pillow affixed to its collar is heartwarming – but also quite unpredictable.

If you and your fiancé share a beloved pet and can’t bear the thought of not having your furry childhood pup walking down the aisle with you, this article is for you. There are plenty of ways of incorporating your favorite pet into your special day; you’ll be surprised (and delighted!)

So without further ado, let’s get started:

First here are some things you need to consider before incorporating your dog into your wedding:

1. Your dog’s temperament and personality
During wedding planning, before settling on a starring role, consider your dog’s behavior around people, does he well behave and obedient? Does he get excited when there are a lot of people and food around? If your dog does not like a big crowd and you are having a big number of guests, it might not be the best idea.

2. Venue
If you think your dog’s personality can handle the wedding, look for a suitable wedding venue, having your wedding in a loft or in a private home would be an ideal place. It might be not allowed to bring your pet into a restaurant, plus most building places have rules against pets too… therefore, check with your reception venue to be prepared.

3. Book a pet sitter
If your dog is not crowd friendly, it would be best to book a pet sitter to accompany your dog on your special day and take care of him. Choose a person who is familiar with your dog and his personality traits. Also, remember that your dog needs to be comfortable being handled by the pet sitter you choose.

4. Inform your guests
One of the most creative ways to inform your guests that you will be having your dog at the wedding is including them in your invite cards, or have a picture of you and your dog printed along with your announcement.

5. Pet food
Finally, remember to bring your dog supplies – food, water, brush, toys and treats, whatever you deem necessary for your dog. If you do not book a pet sitter, assign a person for this, as you will have other things to take care of on your big day.

With that said, there are some great and fun ways in which you can make your dog part and parcel of your big day, and best of all what to think of before deciding on what role your dog should take on your special day:

Pre-wedding roles for your dog:

1. Engagement puppy
If you are wondering how to ask your better half how to marry you, think outside the box, if you guys share a favorite animal, use your pet to ask them to propose, simply make a cute sash with her name on it and the words “will you marry me” then have the dog walk ahead of you and you following behind, then go on one knee with the ring in hand. How adorable?

2. Save the date invites
If you think your dog’s personality will not be a good option to have your dog at the wedding. Include your dog in your save the date invites, they make adorable and cute photos plus, it will always be a great memory for you guys.

At the Wedding roles:

1. Part of the wedding brigade
Whether you want your dog to be the dog of honor, right by your side from sunrise to sunset or you want them to simply hang out with the attendants. There are plenty of adorable ways and ideas you can incorporate your dog into your wedding. Plus you can have them dressed up, in a cute tux, wearing bow ties, or you could have your pup match the rest of the bridal party theme with an added touch of a floral color leash.

2. Ring bearer pup
One of the most popular and adorable ways of including your dog at the wedding is having your pup carry down the rings down the aisle, have a basket with a leash tied around your dog’s neck then have him dressed up then walk down the aisle.

3. Just there for the party
If you would rather not deal with your dog’s chaos during your wedding, just have him attend the party as a guest. If your dog is a bit wild, consider having him on a leash on a stationery place with a toy to chew on and go on enjoying the party without any trouble.

4. Pictures only
If your dog is full of mischief and quite the trouble maker, consider only having him for portraits, you get to have him with you during the day but without giving him the too attention that diverts you from concentrating on your special day.

With all that said and done, there is no denying the fact that having your dog at your ceremony could take a little extra effort and precautions, but you’ll be pleased and delighted to include your 4-legged friend on your big day.

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